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Online Freelancing - The New Small Business

Online freelancing has been an alternative career by those who prefer to maintain a healthy lifestyle without having to make as many compromises with family and time. Online freelancers have increased over the past few years and is still increasing with a number of hiring slow-downs all over the globe.

The current economic trends have pushed professionals, hobbyists and amateurs alike to create an unconventional niche that allows their talents and professional experiences to be easily accessible to small businesses and large corporations looking for professional contractors. Why is this online freelancing the alternative career path?


One of the main reasons why online freelancers have chosen this path is due to the flexibility that it provides them. It used to be that stay-at-home moms are the ones who are strongly attracted to this new idea, but men are also starting to find the possibility of this flexibility viable. Many find online freelancing to have found the balance between work and life, career and relationships and everything in between. You have the ability to work around certain home emergencies and commit to a schedule that would cater to your needs, without having to sacrifice a great deal of your time for family events and emergencies.


Apart from the autonomy that online freelancing provides in managing your time, online freelancing also gives you the ability to work the way you want to work. You get to choose the environment that you work in, the pace, and your own methods of working. This can be different and very appealing to those that have worked in creatively stifling environments with a micro manager or boss. The ability to call the shots give freelancers the freedom and peace of mind that they only have to answer to their clients directly. This direct approach also cuts through the red tape spent on negotiations, contract signings and other paper work that can be done easily through freelancing and outsourcing websites.


The good thing about being an online freelancer is the variety of jobs that you can get. If you are a software engineer for example, a list of engineer jobs are available for your picking. This provides freelancers not just the autonomy to choose, but the fulfillment of choosing the kind of projects that they either truly enjoy or are really good at. This provides a sense of fulfillment with the ability to do what you love to do -- and with the projects that you would like to work on.


If there are drawbacks in being an online freelancer, that would be the stability of jobs. However, if you are able to establish a good relationship with your clients and provide excellent service to them, you can be sure that they will call for your help every time the need arises. There are skeptics that believe that online jobs take away the possibility of becoming well known in your field of expertise, but this is untrue. The amount of work that you have done over your career online is just as important as any 9-5 job. Just be sure to request from your clients, testimonials and referrals for the great work you have provided to them should the need arise.

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