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Five Mobile Website Building Tips

Mobile design is more important than ever as the number of people accessing the internet from mobile devices continues to grow. However, great mobile design is more than simply making the site fit on the screen.

There are many things to consider. Here are a few tips that can help make your mobile experience on your website the best it can be.

Find out which devices your visitors are using

Mobile devices come in various sizes, from the smallest smart phone to a tablet or a laptop. Knowing what devices your target audience uses can help you determine the most common screen size, which in turn helps you design a better website. It is not just about the screen size; your website specifications will vary significantly depending on whether most of your target audience uses Android or iPhones. Use analytics to find the information you need about who visits your website and through which device they visit most often.

Know how people use mobile websites

One common misconception about mobile users is that they are all looking for information while travelling, and thus only need necessary information. However, not everyone checking your mobile website is in a rush. Most mobile users are, in fact, surfing the net while at home or during breaks at work. This small difference can have a big impact on the design of your website and the content you choose to present. To be on the safe side, it is best to think that mobile users access the internet on their devices in much the same way people do on a conventional desktop.

Avoid a completely separate mobile website

There are situations where having a separate mobile website may be your best option, like if the CMS or the lack thereof for your current website has severe limitations on mobile devices. However, if your website is long over do for a major overhaul, make sure your new site will be capable of supporting your mobile visitors by serving up an optimized mobile version specifically for them. This way the one site through responsive design techniques can be made to work on as many different devices as possible.

Content is still king even on mobile

Most users want a mobile experience similar to the one they get on a desktop, which is why it is important for your mobile website to reflect that of your desktop website. Do not limit the scope of your mobile website and sacrifice the user experience. Keep the core content the same and remember to enforce the same visitor experience for people coming through a desktop browser and a mobile device.

Consider offering an app

Mobile apps are great if you want to supplement your mobile website experience, but make sure that the mobile app you offer has something interesting and appealing. You should also ensure that your targeted audience wants an app to begin with. If most visitors to your website come from shared links, there is very little use for an app since people need to get to your website even without installing the app.

By incorporating as many of the ideas and best practices listed here, will help you improve the mobile experience your visitors will have when surfing your website.

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